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About Genoa's climate

According to Koeppen's classification, the City of Genoa has a "Warm Temperate Mediterranean Climate (Csa)", with strong influences from the Atlantic.
Winter season is characterized by generally mild temperatures along the coastal strip, although snow events and temperatures around O°C occur almost every year. Summer season isn't excessively hot; the presence of the sea mitigates daily heat but increases humidity, therefore causing high apparent temperatures. Precipitations occur throughout the year, although very few in the Summer. Humidity stays quite high throughout the year, with little average changes from month to month; nevertheless saturation values are extremely rare: mist is quite uncommon and fog is almost totally unknow. The winds blow every day of the year, either pushed by the tropospheric dynamics, or due to daily breezes cycle in case of anticyclonic domains.

Some data from Genoa's airport weather station CLINO (CLImate NOrmals 1971 - 2000):

About this weather station

Located in the central-eastern part of the city, at an altitude of about 70 m a.s.l. and 2 km far from the sea, the station is representative of the climatic conditions of the first hills of Genoa, being a transition zone between the densely urbanized coastal city strip and the scattered settlements of the Apennines.
Compared to the reference weather station of the local airport (located by the sea, on an artificial peninsula), this site shows quite a more rainy climate (about 1300 mm / year), with lower humidity and lower windspeed. Minimum daily temperature are slightly colder, due to lesser protection from cold north winds, while maximum temperatures are similar, both being mitigated by the presence of the sea breeze in the summertime.
The weather station is operative since January 2006. At first a LaCrosse WS3600 (provided with a homemade radiation shield) was installed, then replaced in October 2009 by a Davis Vantage Pro 2.
The data are collected in real time and the website pages are updated every 5 minutes, while realtime data are updated every 5 seconds, by Cumulus software.
The station is comprised of an anemometer, a rain gauge and a thermo-hygro sensor situated in optimal positions for highest accuracy possible, complying WMO specifications.

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